Patrice Lucien Cochet

pattricePatrice is a french Cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He studied Cinematography at The American Film Institute where he received an MFA in Cinematography in 1999. He has shot over 20 feature length films. 3 of those were chosen by The Sundance Film Festival to be part of their dramatic competition. Patrice sometimes participates in the Sundance director’s lab to assist its directors in discovering their own personal visual approach to storytelling. He won the special jury award for Best Cinematography at SXSW with the feature film “Explicit Ills” and sometimes teaches at Columbia University. Patrice’s latest project is the drama “The Ever After” which was shot in Australia. Patrice has worked on such movies as – “The Ever After” with Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) ,Oscar winner Melissa Leo (Prisoners), and Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim) – “Undiscovered Gyrl” with Justin Long, Martin Sheen and Christian Slater.


  • The End of Love” with Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera – (SundanceDramatic Competition)
  • Explicit Ills” with Rosario Dawson and Paul Dano – (SXSW – Award for Best Cinematography)
  • The Good Life” with Zooey Deschanel, Bill Paxton and Chris Klein – (Sundance Dramatic Competition)
  • Better Luck Tomorrow” with John Cho (Star Trek) and Sung Kang (The Fast and The Furious) – (Sundance Dramatic Competition).
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